FARIS is a jewelry line that distills complexity into a wearable statement.

My path to jewelry making wasn’t linear. I didn’t go to traditional arts school, nor was I an exceptionally artsy kid. I was mostly into sports, though I did always have a thing for accessories, showing up to practice with hoop earrings and coordinated warm-ups. That was the era I grew up in.

I started FARIS in the basement of my house, back when I was living in Oakland. I was living among artists and musicians, activists and chefs. Making jewelry was my way of contributing to a community of people I admired. I wanted to make bold and artful pieces for my friends and family. I got into the craft of jewelry making intuitively. If I didn’t know how to do something, I sought out someone generous enough to show me how to do it myself. Each piece was an art project, and each design filled a need or a craving to adorn myself, my sisters, and my friends.

My creative process is mostly the same. My business outgrew the basement, and I moved back to my hometown, Seattle. Our jewelry is now worn by people around the world, but we are still a small team that makes, packs and ships every piece in a small studio.

I love that we still make everything in-house. It allows us to be more creative. We don’t have this timeline where it's like here is this prototype, now we have to send it to a factory and wait to get it back. I tinker with an idea, give it to my team, then tinker some more. We explore each piece together. It also allows us to be thoughtful about production. We only make what is ordered. We repurpose leftover castings that are no longer needed. The metal we use in our studio can be recycled endlessly. We even capture the remnants in our filters. We aspire to keep our footprint as small as possible.

When I started, I would say that my goal was to design jewelry that Solange would wear. When she bought two of my pieces at one of my favorite boutiques in Los Angeles (shoutout LCD), I blushed for a day and thought about what my new goal would be. I ended up in the infinite place where I began: to make things I love for myself and the people I admire.

Thanks for supporting us and our journey. We will keep you up-to-date on new collections and things that make us happy.


We just opened a store in Seattle, my hometown. It’s located right in between downtown and Capitol Hill. If you are in town, come in to say hi.

413 E Pine St, Seattle, WA 98122